At Lindsay’s we have so much to offer our employees and ensure our staff are recognised and rewarded for their work.
Our benefits include:
Competitive pay: Linked to the industry and market labour rates
Team member development: Opportunities for employees who are driven and work hard to progress within the company.
Study assistance – At Lindsay’s we believe in development and have guidelines in place to assist our employees with study.
Engagement Surveys – Have your voice heard, we listen to you!
Salary sacrificing options – options such as superannuation, cashing in leave, banking kilometres (all role depended)
Novated Lease – Vehicle novated leases are available to all permanent employees.
Innovators in technology – Using some of the latest transport management software and progressively working towards full utilisation of our in-cab devices. We also work with many of our equipment and vehicle manufacturers to improve safety and performance.
Quality equipment – We pride ourselves on our young and well maintained fleet of trucks and trailers, with new equipment being purchased each year as part of our fleet replacement program
Work events – No matter where you work we try to organise as many BBQ’s, Charity morning teas and events to get everyone working as a team.
Awards – Annual Inaugural Lindsay Way awards of Excellence program to recognise the outstanding achievements of our valued staff in the following categories:

  • Professional Linehaul Driver of the Year
  • Professional PUD Driver of the year
  • Innovation
  • Safety leadership
  • Outstanding business Unit/Site
  • Apprentice of the year
  • Above and beyond


Why work for Lindsay Transport?

There are many great reasons to work as Lindsay’s but the top five reasons are:

  1. Safety – we strive to ensure the safety of all our staff and the community and are continually making improvements on doing this will ongoing training to staff and updates to our equipment to ensure we are doing this.
  2. Great equipment – With over 250 prime movers, 500 trailers and 120 forklifts we ensure our equipment is well maintained and is up to date with some of the latest technology on the market.
  3. Values – family – Not only is Lindsay’s like one big work family, they also ensure that your family are taken into consideration. We recognise the families who support our employees.
  4. Trust judgement – We trust our employees to make the right decision and work together as one big team.
  5. Advancements – For those interested in career progression there are so many pathways that can be taken within the company.
  6. Growth – Like so many companies that seem to be getting smaller or even closing Lindsay’s is constantly growing with more and more work being taken on, sites in new locations, new large depots replacing our old smaller ones. The projection on a 10% growth per-annum. Whilst it can never be a guarantee in any job, Lindsay is very confident in its current position of growth. We promise you won’t get bored – No matter what division you are part of or location you work in Lindsay Employees never get bored there is plenty of opportunities for those who are looking for new challenges and ongoing opportunities for career development.

What makes Lindsay an industry leader?

Lindsay’s was established in 1953 with two brothers and their couple of trucks. Since then it has grown to around 23 sites consisting of 4 large divisions, over 1100 employees, 200 trucks, 500 trailers and over 120 forklifts with these numbers growing every year. We are one of the only companies in Australia that offer end to end service from suppling the product to the farmers to grow and harvest their produce, to getting them on a truck to market, to storing and fumigating it ready for export. We also pride ourselves being one of the largest refrigerated transport companies.

At Lindsay we have long standing relationships with many of our growers and customers and pride ourselves on our customer service.

As a company we are committed to the industry and being industry innovators by being involved in many industry organisations. Lindsay was very involved in NATROAD’s when it was started out and have been supporters of this ever since, We are big believers in all our staff getting home safely at the end of a busy work day so are constantly improving the way we do things and using the lasted equipment and technology to make everyone’s work area a safe one, whether it’s behind a computer screen, in one of our warehouses, or in our busy work shops or out on the road. Technology is also one if the areas we pride ourselves and are always making improvements to how we do things by using the latest technology.

What is the Lindsay Way?

Choose to make safety a personal value; think SAFE, act SAFE, be SAFE.
Dedicated to the development and support of current and future employees.
Committed to recognising the importance and value of family life • COMMUNITY SUPPORTIVE
Involved and supportive of our local community.
Maintain and improve the high level of service provided to both our customers and suppliers
Constantly challenge ourselves to provide and develop new innovations.

What kind of people do you hire?

Certain roles have certain expertise, licences and qualifications that are needed, but as general rule we look for hard working people who have a real passion for what they do and show a real interest what we do. We look for enthusiastic, energetic people who are ready to take on challenges. We want people who contribute their ideas to help us continually grow into becoming the best transport company we can be.

Does Lindsay offer training to its employees?

Yes! We offer training to all new starters depending on their role it may differ, but our belief is that the best way to ensure your safety is to ensure you are trained appropriately for the role. As for ongoing training we try to ensure our staff are kept up to date with any ongoing training that might be required for their role.

How many trucks do you have at Lindsay’s and what type of vehicles?

We have over 200 trucks they are mostly Kenworth, Western Star, Macks, Volvo, DAF and Fuso. The majority of our work is done with B-doubles, with the odd run being done with Single trailers or rigids.

Do I get supplied with uniforms?

We pride the way our employees look when representing the company as much as we pride how our trucks look. All permanent employees will be provided with full uniform and PPE relevant to their role

What happens if I am having trouble applying for a job or want to find out more about it?

Call 1800 OUR WAY and talk to one of our friendly Safety people and culture team who are happy to discuss opportunities with you.

What are your divisions?

We currently have 4 divisions

Head Office – Head office is based in which Brisbane houses our senior management team, Payroll, Accounts, Safety people and culture and many more head office functions.

Transport – based in 16 locations in QLD, VIC, NSW and SA. Our major depots are based in Brisbane, Coffs Harbour, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Responsible for the transporting of our customers freight

Rural – Based in 21 locations in QLD VIC NSW and SA. This division is responsible for supplying our grower customers with everything they need to grow and harvest their produce.

Lindsay Fresh Logistics – Is the newest division to join the Lindsay group, it was opened in 2014 and is based in the Brisbane Market. This division is responsible for the storage, distribution, ripening, fumigation and export primarily of fresh produce.

Where are your depots based?

We have sites in QLD, VIC, NSW and SA. Our major depots are based in Brisbane, Coffs Harbour, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide with more transport and rural sites scattered around the previously mentioned states.

Are there relocation opportunities?

All available jobs are advertised weekly to our currently employees. If there is a job that matches your skill or development pathway the company is more than happy to consider relocation for staff.

How can I stay up-to date on jobs opening at Lindsay’s?

Through our company website, via seek or can call in to 1800 OUR WAY and speak to the friendly team.

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