COVID-19 Coronavirus – Updates & Advice

The impacts of COVID-19 will be felt across all Australian businesses and communities, for some time, with more challenges ahead of us.

Lindsay Australia is acutely aware of the importance of our service in these difficult times, helping farmers grow, package and distribute their products.

As the Government slowly eases restrictions, we are conscious that the risk is still there and remain vigilant in keeping focussed on maintaining the processes we have implemented to date.

We are working closely with authorities to ensure we follow the strict health advice to protect our customers, our employees and the end consumer of the products we help deliver around Australia.

We have implemented increased infection control procedures at all of our operations – making sure our workplaces, vehicles and high-touch surfaces are protected

Employees at our facilities are following strict hygiene procedures and practising social distancing. Where our employees can work from home, they have been, and we have a transition plan in place for workers to return.

Should there be a COVID-19 detection among our staff or their families, we have a strict containment policy in place to immediately work with authorities to limit and track any transmission and get back to full operation at the affected area as quickly as possible.

We are proud that we have remained fully operational with minimal disruption to our services.

We will continue to work with our customers to ensure our essential services stay operational – getting products to market.

You can find facts and the latest information on the Australian Government Department of Health website

We will continue to provide regular updates as Lindsay Australia responds to the actively changing environment.

I would like to thank you all for your continued support, understanding and hard work during these challenging times

Stop the spread
We are registered in NSW as a COVID safe business.

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