Lindsay Fresh Logistics, a transport and logistics provider, located in the Brisbane Markets, providing unloading, cross-docking, storage, ripening, fumigation and import/export services.

Quarantine & Fumigation

Lindsay Fresh quarantine and fumigation services provide customers with a single solution for export/import and interstates services. The purpose-built facility located In the Brisbane Markets couples with Lindsay Transport services enables the continuation of the cold chain from farm, to fumigation to end destination.
The new facility is equipped with large cold storage rooms, rapid cooling equipment, fumigation rooms and designated DOA ( Department of Agriculture ) inspection rooms for import/export.
We also have the ability for onsite inspections to be conducted for ICA certification (Interstate Certification Assurance.) Nordico gas recapture technology is used to safety remove fumigants from gassing rooms, whereas traditionally gases are released into the atmosphere and harm the environment.
Lindsay Fresh Logistics is fully accredited Quarantine Approved Premises for both Export and Import, Air and Sea cargo.
Having its own fleet of Skel trailers and Side loaders for all you Sea cargo needs plus 3 refrigerated Air cargo Taut Liners really does complete the paddock to port service.
Lindsay Fresh Logistics also has an onsite Weigh Bridge for all Sea Container weight declarations prior to delivery to the port.

Services and Solutions

  • Short and long term storage solutions
  • Ripening services for specific produce lines
  • Brisbane Market unloading and delivery to market agents
  • Unloading and delivery service to major Brisbane delivery points
  • Quarantine, inspection and fumigation of produce for import, export and interstate


RACA (Regulated Air Cargo Agent): – A06188
TSP (Transport Security Program): – A06189
ICA (Interstate Certification Assurance) (Establishment number: – Q2418
DAFF(Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry) Establishment number Export: – Q2290

  1. Chilled, and frozen fish and fish products
  2. Unrefrigerated, and chilled milk and milk products
  3. Eggs in shell, and chilled egg products
  4. Chilled, and frozen meat and meat products
  5. Chilled, and frozen game meat and meat products
  6. Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
  7. Nut, Dried Fruit & Seeds
  8. Cut Flowers and Nursery stock
  9. Live Plants

DAFF (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry )Establishment number Import: – (Permit number Q2546 for QAP 2.2 & QAP 2.4)
Edisoft EDI (Electronic Data Interchange )User ID: – 1832
MIMS (Mass Import Management Scheme Permit number): – 7489
MEMS (Mass Export Management Scheme Permit number): – 8102
VBS (Vehicle Booking Systems) 1 Stop in-house direct wharf terminal booking system registered for all Brisbane stevedores
All Lindsay Fresh Logistics Airport and Wharf delivery drivers hold MSIC (Maritime Security Identification Card) & ASIC (Aviation Security Identification Card .)

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