Driver Appreciation Week 23 – 29 November 2020

Driver Appreciation Week is when we take the time to honour all our professional truck drivers for their hard work and commitment in tackling one of our economy’s most demanding and important jobs.
Here at Lindsay Australia we recognise all the hard work that our drivers put in and we cannot thank them enough. Our drivers are trained to withstand countless hours on the road, working in the most volatile conditions – our highways. Currently, we have over 700 of our professional truck drivers nationwide.
So during this week, when you head to the store or to your local produce market and witness the variety of products that are available on the shelves, think about the professional drivers that made this possible. When you’re out to dinner, stop and reflect on the meal you’re about to eat and how the ingredients were delivered by a convoy of everyday heroes.
Take a moment to be thankful for the efforts of our truck drivers and recognise that without them, our tables and our stores would all be empty.
Without Trucks Australia Stops!
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