Innovation to reduce workplace injuries

Lindsay Transport has developed and patented an effective solution to alleviate the ongoing issue of musculoskeletal disorders within their business. It was identified that uncoupling B (back) trailers and removing load restraint bars was overly represented as playing a significant contributing role in workplace injuries; specifically shoulder and back injuries.

The Driver Multi-Tool was designed to control the risks associated with these common tasks. The tool works by eliminating the awkward bent over postures required to access the turntable release handle on B trailers; allowing the driver to uncouple the trailer in a neutral, upright position in an open space. The improved posture reduces loading on shoulder stabilisers and allows force to be dispersed across several larger muscle groups. The tool also acts as a leverage tool to “pop” the load restraint bar from its guide hole, thereby eliminating the need for high and sudden force to be applied to activate the spring loaded mechanism and remove the bar.

The Driver Multi-Tool has seen Lindsay Transport become finalist in both the New South Wales SafeWork Awards 2015 and the Queensland Safe Work and Return to Work Awards 2015. Winners of the QTA Industry Safety Award 2015.

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