Lindsay Australia launch B-Double campaign in fight against breast cancer

logoThis month Lindsay Australia, Australia’s leading logistics company launched its corporate partnership campaign ‘Driving for a Cure’ to help raise awareness and funds for the National Breast Cancer foundation (NBCF).

The company, which is known nationally for its transportation and logistics services has launched a pink B-Double set of trailers that will ‘Drive for a Cure’ covering over 350,000km throughout the East Coast of Australia.
The travelling billboard will raise awareness for the NBCF, while boldly bringing attention to the frightening statistics that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their lifetime.

Chief Executive Officer of Lindsay Australia, Kim Lindsay, said this is a campaign they are proud to support.

“We are committed to the ‘Driving for a Cure’ campaign and will make every effort to raise awareness and money for the NBCF to assist with their tireless research. Our employee’s health and happiness is a priority to Lindsay Australia and by creating a travelling billboard we hope to make a small difference in finding a cure for Breast Cancer, which impacts so many Australians.”

Lindsay Australia Limited is an integrated transport; logistics rural supply and export company. The company has an extensive east coast network of 33 stores and depots. The group’s major activities are: Road transport, logistics and warehousing services. Along with specialist services to rural suppliers, with an emphasis on the horticultural industry. They have recently expanded into import and export collection, packaging, fumigation, refrigeration and quarantine inspection services.

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