Lindsay Transport

Since its establishment as Lindsay Brothers Transport in 1953, Lindsay Transport has become one of Australia’s largest transport companies delivering more than 2 million tonnes of freight to over 3,200 customers.

Lindsay focuses on offering national coverage with a predominant presence along Australia’s east coast, earning it a reputation as an industry leader in refrigerated transport.

An integral part of its end-to-end services package is the ability to provide customers with value-added, total transport solutions, specialising in refrigerated warehousing and distribution. The services include:

  • Linehaul
  • Dry and general freight
  • Refrigerated chiller freight
  • Local pick-up delivery

Lindsay Transport’s National Transport Office (NTO) stands behind our commitment to our customers to support its guarantee of quality service. The NTO is located at the Coffs Harbour terminal and is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing complete logistical support to all customers and their operations.


It is the NTO’s responsibility to monitor all linehaul vehicles, drivers, and freight movements throughout Australia to ensure that company assets are optimised, and customer service expectations are consistently met.

When deviations from predetermined delivery schedules occur, the NTO staff has a mandate to inform customers as soon as possible of the problem and to discuss and implement remedial actions so that the customer and supplier are informed about and agree on revised delivery schedules.

Staff members are trained to track POD level information from end customers and implement contingencies in case of a discrepancy or damage claim. This information is communicated to our Customers in real time to ensure that a swift and appropriate resolution is implemented.


Lindsay Transport has implemented a comprehensive system of policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the Chain of Responsibility legislation.

It has been our policy to invest heavily in state-of-the-art monitoring and allocation systems in order to support our compliance efforts.

Lindsay has adopted the following activities to aid its drivers:

  • Installation of In-cab touch screen devices for drivers to assist in safety and compliance, including fatigue management;
  • Schedules are designed so rest breaks and driving hours are not compromised;
  • Through training and the use of Improvement Notices, our Compliance Team assists drivers in complying with their legal obligations;
  • Drivers are assessed for competency and medically screened to ensure they are suitable for the position;
  • Lindsay has also developed a network of strategic changeover and shuttle points targeting the following outcomes:
    • Driver Contentment, rest can be taken in designated sleeping facilities or at home base;
    • Express Services, if required, change of drivers supports fatigue compliance;
    • Compliance requirements for specialised freight;
    • Improved utilisation of vehicles and drivers.

Taking an innovative approach to logistics, many aspects of Lindsay Transport’s service are supported by state-of-the-art technology, ensuring high customer service and a vastly efficient operation.

Lindsay Transport uses Teletrac Navman GPS tracking across its entire fleet. Data insights such as location, speed, stops and rests, and vehicle performance telematics is accessible in real-time.

Teletrac Navman has improved efficiency by combining and automating critical information components and integrating this information into key business activities. This has led to a range of solutions that can provide accurate and dependable information. Large volumes of data are readily available, for example, where and when an event occurred, who was involved, how long it lasted, what occurred, what happened before and after, and many others. This increases the scope of visibility for the operator, providing real-time data for real-time decisions with an immediate return on investment. This data is communicated in several ways, such as automated emails, live notifications or thorough reports. The real-time data is collected by TN360 (a web-based software portal) and interpreted into relevant information. This is then passed through an advanced alerts engine, customisable to operator and management needs.

The Guardian by Seeing Machines system is a sophisticated real-time accident prevention technology that detects driver fatigue and distraction and provides immediate intervention through in-cab audio and vibration alerts. A forward-facing camera also captures critical information about road conditions during an event. Guardian enables Lindsay to maintain a high level of safety through 24/7 monitoring of fatigue and distraction events, daily and weekly reports, and notifications when drivers are at risk.

Track & Trace – All freight carried by Lindsay Transport can be tracked or traced via the integration of GPS tracking with our Truck Mate Transport Management System. Direct customer access to this system is made available via an API integration through collaboration with our customers.

Our transport management software system enables us to manage the complex requirements of transportation logistics daily through:

  • Item and consignment-based tracking.
  • Auto-rating pricing system
  • Vehicle allocation system
  • Driver allocation, including a Fatigue Management module
  • Web-access for customers
  • Full integration with satellite navigation, SMS and PDI connectivity
  • Freight tracking
  • KPI reporting suite
  • Fully integrated account suite
  • Imaging system for retention of PODS, KPI and incident images
  • Pallet and container ( Plastic crates etc.) tracking system
  • Flexible electronic billing options to suit customer business structures
  • Proactive and preventative maintenance of all Lindsay Equipment to minimise service disruptions
  • Automated customer reports and alerts on an as-needed basis