Diversity & Inclusion

At Lindsay, diversity and inclusion (D&I) goes beyond policies, programs and headcounts. It is our framework to empower individuality. We believe diverse teams are the best teams, and therefore we encourage a workplace where the ideas, presence and contributions of all of our people are truly valued by the organisation.

In fostering a diverse workplace, we are guided by the principle that there is power in duality. This teaches us that every aspect of life springs from the interaction of opposing forces. These forces are not just opposites – they are complementary. They do not cancel each other out, they merely balance each other like the dual wings of a bird.


To symbolise Lindsay’s approach to diversity and inclusion, we chose the protea flower. The protea draws its name from the shape-shifting figure of Greek mythology, Proteus – thus named because these flowers display such a wide variety of forms. “Protean” has positive connotations of flexibility, versatility and adaptability.

The protea flower’s origins date back hundreds of millions of years to the ancient continent Gondwana. This is why you can find a remarkably broad variety of species and forms of protea all over the world. Australia leads the world in this diversity with the highest number of protea species at 830.

This flower can undergo so many transformations from when it resembles a dragon-like egg through to full bloom, growing into a diverse range of shapes, sizes and colours. Even wildfires or other extreme weather events are no match for the protea, as dormant protea buds are capable of emerging and thriving after a catastrophe, making them a powerful resilient species.

We view the protea as a strong symbol of our commitment to fostering diversity, equality and unity. We believe in creating the best atmosphere for our employees, partners and clients, in order to be able to support and give back to our community.


The way we view and approach diversity and inclusion, individually and as an industry, is an active process. It is about making deliberate choices that translate into actions that can create an environment that embraces a broader view of thinking.

As part of our D&I agenda, we create and grasp opportunities for leaders to initiate conversations that can encourage learning and acceptance of a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

The key to inclusion is getting to know and understand who our employees are. Our values focusing on safety, family and community – The Lindsay Way – guide our D&I activities and empower our people to create connections in an environment where people can be their best authentic selves.

Diversity is the measure of opportunity, and inclusion is the mechanism of how this can be achieved. We have a range of initiatives underway and are proud to continue to focus on developing our diverse and inclusive environment.