Established in 1953 as Lindsay Brothers Transport, Lindsay Transport has grown to become one of Australia’s largest transport companies.

Delivering more than 1.6 million tonnes of freight to over 5,000 customers along Australia’s east coast each year, Lindsay Transport has earned its reputation as a respected refrigerated transport company.

The ability to provide customers with value added, total transport solutions, including the provision of warehousing and distribution capabilities is a central part of the end-to-end services package. The services include:

  • Linehaul
  • Dry and general freight
  • Refrigerated chiller freight
  • Local pick-up delivery

Lindsay Transport Service Overview

The Lindsay Transport guarantee for Quality of Service to our customers is underpinned by our National Transport Office (NTO). The NTO is located at our Coffs Harbour terminal and is manned 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The NTO monitors all linehaul vehicles, drivers and freight movements Australia-wide to ensure that company assets are used appropriately and that all customer service expectations are met. Should variations to pre-determined delivery schedules be compromised for any reason, the NTO staff have a charter to advise customers at the earliest opportunity of the problem and discuss and implement remedial action to ensure that the customer and supplier are informed of and agree revised delivery times.

All staff have specific procedures regarding the obtaining of POD information from end customers, and what to do should a discrepancy and or damage claim arise. Once again this information will be communicated to our Customer at the earliest opportunity to ensure a swift and appropriate resolution process is implemented.

Heavy Vehicle National Law and Chain of Responsibility

Lindsay Transport has extensive systems and policies in place to meet its responsibilities under the Chain of Responsibility legislation. We have invested heavily in state of the art monitoring and allocation systems to support our compliance.

Steps taken with our drivers include:

  • In cab touch screen devices for drivers to aid in safety and compliance including fatigue management;
  • Schedules designed so rest breaks and driving hours are not compromised;
    Our dedicated Compliance Team assist drivers to meet their compliance obligations through training and the use of Improvement Notices; and Additional Training
  • All drivers are competency assessed and medically screened for role suitability.

Lindsay’s have also developed a network of changeover and shuttle points with the following outcomes:

  • Driver Contentment, rest can be taken in designated sleeping facilities or at home base;
  • Express Services, if required, change of drivers supports fatigue compliance;
  • Compliance requirements on specialised freight;
  • Improved utilization of vehicles and drivers.

Quality Assurance

Lindsay Transport has the following systems in place to ensure that our service levels will comply with and exceed our customer’s Quality Management expectations.

  • Quality Assurance Program accredited to the international quality standard AS/NZS ISO9001:2000 – Registration No 802 (auditor NCS International Pty Ltd)
  • Hazard and Critical control Point (HACCP) processes accreditation – Registration No 802 (auditor NCS-Qual International Pty Ltd)
  • National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) Accreditation Number 900/00729 issued 30/04/09 including:
    • Mass Management
    • Maintenance Management
    • Basic Fatigue Management
    • Woolworths WQA Certificate I4446-3
    • Signatory to the Retail Logistics Supply Code of Conduct


Lindsay Transport utilises state-of-the-art technology to support all aspects of our service, this is designed to maximise customer experience and assist in delivering a highly efficiency operation. These technologies include:
GPS Tracking – Across our entire fleet, Lindsay Transport utilises the Transtech Tracking solution. this is used to monitor all vehicle information in real-time. Data monitored includes location, speed, stops and rests, and vehicle telematics data.

Transtech has combined and automated critical information components. This has led to a range of solutions that can provide accurate and dependable information, information on where and when the event occurred, by whom, for how long, what occurred, what happened before and after and much more. This increases the scope of visibility to the operator, providing real-time data for real-time decisions with an immediate return on investment.This data is communicated in a number of ways. These include automated emails, live notifications or through thorough reports. The real-time data is collected by NextGen (web based software portal that all Transtech information is based), and interpreted into relevant information. This is then passed through an advanced alerts engine, customisable to operator and management needs.

Track & Trace – All freight carried by Lindsay Transport is able to be tracked or traced via the integration of our

  • Satellite Navigation System with our Truck mate Transport Management System. Direct customer access to this system will shortly be made available.
  • Our transport software system enables us to manage the day-to-day complex requirements of transport logistics through:
    • Item and consignment based tracking.
    • Auto-rating pricing system
    • Vehicle allocation system
    • Driver allocation including Fatigue Management module
    • Web-access for customers
    • Fully integrated with satellite navigation, SMS and PDI connectivity
    • Freight tracking
    • KPI reporting suite
    • Fully integrated account suite
    • Imaging system for retention of KPI and incident images
    • Pallet and container ( Plastic crates etc) tracking system
    • Flexible billing options to suit customer business structures

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